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My business colors are brighter. If you are not sure what kind of elements to add in a space, there are a lot of popular resources out there that showcase interiors to drool over. Drawing furniture is a key component to drawing interiors. Without furniture we would just have plain and boring empty space. Furniture sketching is as easy as drawing a series of boxes and then going in and carving out the details once you have nailed the basic perspective of the drawing.

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This method is useful when you are planning out where you want to put in your furniture in your interiors because a distorted chair can make or break your whole two-point perspective. An easy way to lay out the main foundation of your two-point perspective space is with the perimeter walls themselves.

Once you have carved out your space, it becomes a lot easier to understand your perspective and lay out the fun details like windows, furniture, decor and all that good stuff.

Start by creating a new layer in SketchBook Pro with the horizon line at the centre of your canvas. This is where your two viewpoints are located. I then add in the the eyeline slightly above the horizon line in order to get a sense of how a person would fit into the space I am creating.

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Locating both these lines will help you get a sense of scale when you begin drawing your space, especially when you are adding in doors and furniture. I like to begin the sketch by drawing a line vertically downward that represents a corner in the room.

I find that it makes it easier to find where exactly you are going to throw in your floor and ceiling lines. Next you can add in your ceiling extending from the top point of the vertical line and floor lines extending from the bottom point of the vertical line. I also added in the outlines of the doors and windows.

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Once you have all the elements you want you can start to outline the final details. Remember to add in depths of your objects like the window and door frames others your drawing will appear flat. Two-point perspective drawing is a completely active drawing exercise. You need to constantly be thinking about which direction the lines will go and to what viewpoint they will converge so your drawing will make sense.

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On a new layer, roughly position your furniture by, once again, drawing in boxes in order to add some context. It is a good way to get your perspectives right without fully committing to tedious line work.

You need to leave proper spacing between furniture 15" between a sofa and a coffee table. You need to have the proper flow into a furniture grouping 24" will not allow people to pass comfortably between chairs.

You need to ensure that you are meeting local codes and not creating a potential hazard in your home. What might look like too much white space on a floor plan can actually contribute to a sense of calm in your room. After drawing the floor plan for my client, I usually draw 1 or 2 elevations. These are scaled drawings of what each wall looks like when you face it, as if you furniture is 2 dimensional.

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Elevations enable my clients to really understand what the space will look like in real time. I'm attaching some, below, to illustrate how these help. Let me know what you think! Hi from Brooklyn!