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Old Mac don ald. Twin kle, Twin kle Lit tle Star.

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Humpty Dumpty. Lit tle Miss Muffet. The Cat and the Fid dle. Three Blind Mice. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe. Hick ory, Dickory Dock. There Was an Old Woman. Lit tle Jack Hor ner. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep. Pease Por ridge Hot. To Mar ket.

One for the Money. Lit tle Boy Blue. Sing a Song of Six pence. Old King Cole. Lit tle Bo-Peep. Pe ter Pump kin-Eater. Mary Had a Lit tle Lamb. Pe ter Piper. In ter est ing Facts about Mother Goose. Re sources. Teacher Re sources by An thony D. In dex. This rhymin teacher read po etry. This rhymin teacher sang a song. This rhymin teacher made mu sic. This rhymin teacher danced along. Mother Goose rhymes have been a sta ple of chil drens lit er a ture ever since they were first pub -lished in sev en teenth-cen tury France.

For many chil dren they are their ear li est in tro duc tion to theplay ful ness of lan guagethe flow, me ter, and ca dence of words and phrases.

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Mother Goose rhymesin vite chil dren to ac tively par tic i pate by sing ing, clap ping, or jump ing up and down to the rhythm ofa jin gle:. Rhym ing is a fa mil iar as pect of most Mother Goose verses. Of ten the rhyme pat terns aresillya fea ture that in di cates to chil dren the fun that can be had with words. Other times the rhym -ing pat terns en cour age lis ten ers to cre ate their own words or end ings to linesa fur ther in duce mentto be ac tive par tic i pants in the tell ing of a story.

Al lit er a tion is an other fa mil iar fea ture of Mother Goose rhymes. The rep e ti tion of ini tial con so -nant sounds is one of the ear li est pho ne mic aware ness skills chil dren mas ter, and with Mother Goose rhymes they can hear those re pet i tive sounds in ac tion:.

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If Pe ter Piper picked a peck of pick led pep pers,Wheres the peck of pick led pep pers Pe ter Piper picked? Cer tainly, one of the most en dear ing qual i ties of Mother Goose rhymes is their overt hu mor. Char ac ters fall down hills, bring farm an i mals to school, stick their thumbs into pastry prod ucts, andleap over ce les tial ob jects.

The sit u a tions are ri dic u lous, ex ag ger ated, and sim ply sillyjust the kind of hu mor young kids love!


This book of fers be gin ning read ers a par tic i pa tory ap proach to the wide and won der ful world of Mother Goose rhymes. It is based on the idea that when stu dents are pro vided with mean ing ful op -por tu ni ties to make an in vest ment in self in their ed u ca tion, that ed u ca tion will be come both rel e -vant and dy namic. Mother Goose Read ers Thea tre for Be gin ning Read ers pres ents read ers thea trescripts that stim u late chil dren to be come ac tive par tic i pants in pop u lar and fa mil iar rhymes.

Stu dents will ex am ine tales, ex plore sto ries, and in ves ti gate cher ished rhymes that are sta ples of their early lit -er ary ex pe ri ences. In short, stu dents will en act Mother Goose rhymes that are en gag ing, de light ful,and full of fun! Within these pages is a dy namic va ri ety of cre ative learn ing pos si bil i ties for your class room. Here, your stu dents will dis cover an ex cit ing cor nu co pia of mind-ex pand ing and con cept-build ingex pe ri encesex pe ri ences that will en gage and ex cite them as be gin ning read ers.

Just as im por tantyour stu dents will par tic i pate in pos i tive learn ing ex pe ri ences that can serve as a strong foun da -tion for ad di tional lit er ary ex plo ra tions in pho ne mic aware ness, pho nics, flu ency, vo cab u lary, andcom pre hen sion de vel op ment.

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Through out this ex traor di nary lit er ary ven ture, I have been sup ported and en cour aged by manyin di vid u als. They each de serve a thun der ous round of ap plause, a pleth ora of high fives, and ashower of rau cous cheers! I am es pe cially in debted to Mallori Gillespie, who worked un der an ex tremely tight dead line topro vide the Span ish trans la tions for sev eral des ig nated scripts.

Her en thu si asm for this pro ject is sin -cerely ap pre ci ated and val ued. She made sure each and ev ery script main tained its hu mor, theme,and in tent. Thank you, Mallori! I am equally in debted to Dolka Lugo, who me tic u lously checked and ver i fied the ac cu racy ofthe Span ish trans la tions.

Her con tri bu tions are equally val ued!

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To my long time friends and col leaguesPaula Gilbert and Judy Wolfmanwho were co-part ners with me in an ex traor di nary pro gram of chil drens books, sto ry tell ing, and mag i cal in ter ac -tions with underserved ur ban young sters, I am par tic u larly grate ful.

Their con tin u ing sup port andenor mous en ergy are al ways trea sured.

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They truly bring life to lit er a ture andlit er a ture to life. And, to all the teach ers through out Can ada, Mex ico, and the United States who have used mypre vi ous read ers thea tre books in your class roomsthank you! The en ergy you have shared and thesto ries your stu dents have told are trea sured mem o ries of this fan tas tic lit er ary ven turea jour ney of won drous pos si bil i ties and a voy age of in cred i ble imag i na tion. Once upon a time, in , I wrote a teacher re source book called Tad pole Tales and Other To -tally Ter rific Treats for Read ers Thea tre Teacher Ideas Press a book that was spe cif i cally de -signed for teach ers in grades 13 all of the scripts were con trolled for read abil ity.

That book was acol lec tion of wild and wacky read ers thea tre scripts that were ad ap ta tions of fa mil iar rhymes andtra di tional fairy tales. Ti tles of some of the scripts in that book included:. The book offers plays based on well-known rhymes, complete with presentation and instructional follow up suggestions.

The author also offers staging diagrams that enable teachers to use each script with entire classrooms of students, and he includes lists of further teaching resources for each play as well. Reading levels are based on accepted readability formulas. An introductory chapter discusses the educational value of using readers theatre with young readers and ELL students. Grades 1 and 2. Anthony D. Fredericks has written more than 20 books for Teacher Ideas Press.

A former reading specialist and classroom teacher, he is currently professor of education, York College, York, Pennsylvania. Tony is the author of more than 65 teacher resource books, over 30 award-winning children's books, and several trade books on effective teaching.

See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Written for children reading at first and second grade levels, this readers theatre book uses Mother Goose rhymes as its basis, making it especially valuable to teachers and librarians working on building fluency skills in their beginning readers.

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